6 Cowboys on Thin Ice Heading Into the Offseason

Which Dallas Cowboys players and coaches are on thin ice heading into the offseason?
Dallas Cowboys
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3. Dak Prescott, Quarterback

The expectations heaped upon the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback are no joke. The pressure is tough. Winning in the NFL is very difficult.

Dak Prescott is entering an offseason where he's eligible for a contract extension, but what direction are the Dallas Cowboys going to go? Are they satisfied with the regular season fireworks? Are they fuming over the postseason failures?

It feels like Dak Prescott is on a schedule. He is dominant during the regular season where his flaws are forgivable. He then seemingly forgets how to play the game properly in the playoffs. This happens pretty much every season and the Cowboys are at a crossroads.

Are they going to keep Prescott? Are they going to trade him to the highest bidder? Could the Cowboys do better?

I mean, I guess it's possible that Dallas could land someone like Kirk Cousins, but how do they truly justify moving off of Prescott when finding good help at quarterback is one of the most difficult things in all of professional sports? Well, the playoff performances might have finally done Prescott in.

Prescott has four interceptions in his last three playoff games. He's 2-5 as a playoff starter overall. As good as the Cowboys' offense has been, is a change of scenery needed for all parties?