6 Cowboys on Thin Ice Heading Into the Offseason

Which Dallas Cowboys players and coaches are on thin ice heading into the offseason?
Dallas Cowboys
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4. Tony Pollard, Running Back

The Dallas Cowboys moved on from Ezekiel Elliott this offseason, and I think they were hoping that Tony Pollard could be the same or better than he was in 2022, the final year we saw both he and Elliott together in the Dallas backfield.

That wasn't the case.

Although Pollard deserves some grace because he was coming back from an injury in last year's playoffs, the production from him this season has left the Cowboys with a pretty easy decision in 2024. They definitely don't need to give Pollard a second franchise tag, and there's really no way they can justify the price of a big-money contract.

If the price is right, I think Pollard will be back in Dallas, but it feels much more like he's treading thin ice with the organization after the 2023-24 season. He averaged just 3.9 yards per touch in the Cowboys' playoff loss to the Packers and I wouldn't be shocked to see Dallas do a complete overhaul at the running back position in 2024.