6 Cowboys on Thin Ice Heading Into the Offseason

Which Dallas Cowboys players and coaches are on thin ice heading into the offseason?
Dallas Cowboys
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6. Jerry Jones

I mean, let's be real -- how thin can the ice really be for Jerry Jones?

Ultimately, I think Dallas Cowboys fans just want to see Jones take some accountability for the way things have transpired for this team.

Jones is obviously the figurehead for Dallas's decision-making brain trust, but he's not entirely to blame. It's simply the decisions that come from the top, like sticking with Jason Garrett through too many years of mediocrity, and then seeing that Garrett isn't even really getting interviewed by NFL teams for a coaching gig these days.

It's sticking with Mike McCarthy when it's clear he's likely been part of the problem the last handful of years.

There are times in the NFL when being patient pays off. I don't fault Jerry Jones for wanting continuity or for believing in his guys. I simply fault him for trusting past the point of it being reasonable to do so. The Cowboys have missed out on a potential championship window due to Jones deciding to go down with the proverbial ship.

And ultimately, that's why the Houston Texans have more playoff wins since their inception (2002) than the Dallas Cowboys.

And Jerry Jones needs his feet held to the fire for that.

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