6 Cowboys Starters Who Will Be Replaced in the NFL Draft

These 6 Dallas Cowboys starters might be replaced during the 2024 NFL Draft
Dallas Cowboys, Tony Pollard
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Despite winning 12 games for three straight years, the Dallas Cowboys are feeling the heat entering the 2024 offseason. They have had success in the regular season, but once the playoffs start, things fall apart for them.

That’s why the upcoming 2024 NFL draft is looming so large for this franchise. They have several of the key pieces but need to replace a few role-players — perhaps even some starters — in order to take their next step. With that in mind, here are six starters who could have their job taken by a rookie.

6. Leighton Vander Esch, MLB

The Cowboys, first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Leighton Vander Esch broke into the league with a huge campaign as a rookie. For the next couple of years, he struggled with injuries, which wasn’t a major surprise.

While at Boise State he had issues with a neck injury, but the Cowboys felt good enough about his medical check to give him an opportunity. He finally appeared healthy over the last two years, but in 2023 Vander was lost for the season due to yet another neck injury.

Now reports suggest he’s not going to be able to play again, meaning the Cowboys are going to have to find a new metal linebacker. While we wish LVE the best, that's sadly the way the business side of the game works.

If Dallas wanted to address the position early, Edgerrin Cooper of Texas A&M or Jeremiah Trotter, Jr. from Clemson might be on their radar. Later in the draft, Ohio State’s Tommy Eichenberg or Marist Liufau out of UCLA could be in the mix.