6 Dallas Cowboys on Thin Ice Following OTAs

Which Cowboys players are on thin ice in the month of June?
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The Dallas Cowboys are entering a really interesting offseason in 2024. This team lost so much throughout the course of the last handful of months that you can't help but wonder whether or not they really missed a window from 2021-23.

Despite the disappearance of that particular window, the Cowboys have done whatever they could this offseason with limited cap space and draft capital to reload the roster and get ready for another run in 2024. But which players find themselves on thin ice despite all of the changes made in 2024?

Let's take a look at a handful of Cowboys players who are very much on the chopping block with the NFL calendar turning to June and mandatory minicamp.

1. Trey Lance, QB

The Dallas Cowboys had the right idea by trading for Trey Lance last year. And at this stage, Lance is still young enough that he could put things together and make an impact in the NFL. It wasn't all bad when we saw Lance on the field for the San Francisco 49ers, either. He just couldn't stay healthy. In fact, he had a couple of pretty great performances last year in the preseason before getting traded to Dallas.

But the clock is undoubtedly ticking on the former 3rd overall pick. The quarterback class of 2021 has turned out to be a bust on the whole (save for Trevor Lawrence) and Lance has a long way to go toward proving that he's not lumped into that category.

He simultaneously has so much time and yet, so little time. Lance's youth is his great advantage, but if he can't put together a strong offseason for the Cowboys in 2024, he might not get many more opportunities elsewhere.