6 Players Cowboys Should Sign After First Week of Free Agency

The Dallas Cowboys must be active in the second wave of NFL free agency

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4. Andre Dillard, OT

The Dallas Cowboys lost Tyron Smith to the New York Jets in NFL Free Agency, somewhat of a stunning move considering how many felt like Smith was just destined to end up back in Dallas somehow.

The Cowboys' familiarity with Smith's medical history as well as the way he played in 2023 seemed to all lead down the path of a reunion in 2024, but it wasn't to be. The Jets poached Smith away, and are clearly planning something in the 2024 NFL Draft for Aaron Rodgers' return.

The Cowboys now find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. They need a starting-caliber left tackle for 2024 but they are so deep down the 2024 NFL Draft order that there's no way they could possibly guarantee the player they want is going to be on the board. There could be a run of offensive tackles well before the Cowboys are on the clock. And with how many needs this team has on both sides of the ball right now, trading up to get a tackle may not be in the cards.

The Cowboys need some type of insurance going into the NFL Draft. Maybe they want to kick Tyler Smith out to left tackle (and maybe they will), but it wouldn't be a bad idea to sign someone like former Eagles first-round pick Andre Dillard. Dillard got his first opportunity to start this past year for the Titans, and while the results weren't elite -- by any means -- he could be a decent swing option or alternative if the NFL Draft doesn't go as planned.