6 Players Cowboys Should Sign After First Week of Free Agency

The Dallas Cowboys must be active in the second wave of NFL free agency
Dallas Cowboys
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6. Trent Brown, OT

If the Cowboys can find a way to clear the salary cap space, a bolder move at offensive tackle could be in the cards.

And make no mistake -- going after Trent Brown would be a bold move.

Not only is Brown likely only going to play at a specific price, but certain conditions need to be met in order for him to truly thrive on an NFL roster. Brown is simply not for everybody. The New England Patriots have been able to make things work with him (to a degree) but injuries and just seemingly a general lack of interest in playing have prevented him from becoming probably one of the 10 best tackles in the game.

When Brown plays, and when he's on, he's a truly dominant player. The Cowboys could try and take a one-year risk on adding him to see if he can work within their team culture, but make no mistake -- there is risk involved. But Dallas might be in position to take that necessary risk this offseason.

If they could add a player like Trent Brown, they would have ultimate flexibility in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

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