Commanders Ridiculously Celebrate 'Biggest Preseason Win of All Time'

Jahan Dotson might be celebrating his most spectacular dropped pass next.

Commanders receiver Jahan Dotson had a ridiculous reaction to the team's preseason win over the Ravens.
Commanders receiver Jahan Dotson had a ridiculous reaction to the team's preseason win over the Ravens. / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that preseason wins and losses don't really mean all that much. Most of the guys out on the field are focused on securing a job for the upcoming season, shaking off rust and/or just staying healthy. Winning is nice, but it's entirely secondary.

It can still be fun to get excited about a win as a fan, but even then, nobody is taking it too seriously. Except, apparently, for the Washington Commanders.

I guess when you never have anything to celebrate when it counts, then you have no choice but to get way too hyped up about a preseason win.

It was a fun win for our NFC East rivals, sure. It was a last-minute comeback against a Baltimore Ravens team that entered the game on a historic preseason winning streak. But even the Commanders themselves seemed to know before the game that the streak is more of a fun fact than anything actually significant.

Commanders guard Sam Cosmi went as far as to call the streak "stupid" in the leadup to the game, but apparently Jahan Dotson didn't get the memo.

"I was sitting in bed watching ESPN all day, and all you could hear about is this streak, the streak. So I feel like we just had the biggest preseason W in history. It was definitely pretty cool knowing what they had on the line that we could end that."

Jahan Dotson

I mean, really?

Sure, ESPN talking heads wouldn't shut up about the streak. That's because it's the preseason and there's not much to talk about in the NFL world. So there's Dotson's first problem — sitting in bed all day watching ESPN.

And honestly the second the words "biggest preseason W in history" leave your mouth you should probably realize how ridiculous you sound and backtrack a bit.

Here are a few other things I'm expecting Dotson to celebrate this season:

  • The most spectacular dropped pass of the decade
  • The Commanders' most hard-fought loss of the year
  • Skip Bayless' least-inaccurate take about the Cowboys
  • Sam Howell's most well-thrown interception of the season
  • The most motivating Eric Bieniemy halftime rant in a lost game ever

I guess when you can't win games that matter, you'll find any reason to celebrate. Luckily for Dallas fans, the Cowboys can stick to just worrying about winning actual games.

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