Cowboys 2023 Schedule: Predicting the Score of Every Remaining Game

Find out what the Cowboys' final record will be in 2023
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Week 12: Commanders @ Cowboys - Nov. 23rd

Dallas is 2-1 in the NFC East currently after completely annihilating the New York Giants twice. They nearly upset the Eagles on the road but still fell just short in Week 9. They still have a shot to catch Philadelphia but it won't be easy. They'll need a lot of help and while a Wild Card spot seems more likely, they do have the opportunity to make up some ground with two divisional games against the Washington Commanders still on the schedule.

Washington is just 4-6, meaning they're beatable, but the Cowboys can't act as if they have it in the bag. They saw last year when Sam Howell led them to a win over Dallas in Week 18.

The good news for Dallas is that they will be coming off another "tune-up" match. The bad news is, that often leads to slow starts for them. That should be expected here but the Commanders decision to trade Montez Sweat and Chase Young will come back to haunt them. Without those two rushing the passer, Dak Prescott will have enough time to make the plays neccesary to escape with a one-score win.

Score Prediction: Cowboys 20, Commanders 16
Record 8-3