Cowboys 2023 Schedule: Predicting the Score of Every Remaining Game

Find out what the Cowboys' final record will be in 2023

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Week 15: Cowboys @ Bills - Dec. 17th

This is a game that seemed incredibly daunting to start the season but is no longer as intimidating of a prospect. The Buffalo Bills have been Super Bowl favorites for the past couple of seasons, thanks to their playoff performance following in 2021 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Buffalo went toe-to-toe with the juggernaut and somehow fell short thanks to Patrick Mahomes being able to move the offense downfield with just 13 seconds remaining. Despite the loss, the Bills won the hearts of many due to their incredible performance, led by quarterback Josh Allen.

Since then, Allen has been struggling. While Buffalo did win the AFC East last year, Allen had far too many turnovers throughout the season. He had 14 interceptions and fumbled the ball 13 times — losing five of them. Through 10 games this year, he already has 14 turnovers with a league-leading 11 interceptions and three lost fumbles.

Dallas has been one of the most opportunistic teams in the NFL when it comes to turnovers and that means they're going to be thrilled to face Allen. The Bills will be able to move the ball and they can keep it close but unless the former Wyoming quarterback suddenly learns to protect the ball, this defense is going to make enough plays at the end to keep Dallas' win streak going.

Score Prediction: Cowboys 30, Bills 24
Record 11-3