Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Offensive Overhaul Gives Dallas Super Bowl-Ready Roster

After falling short in the postseason, the Cowboys get back to work with this 7-round mock draft
Jackson Powers-Johnson
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Round 2: Jonathan Brooks, RB, Texas

They already landed a new center in Round 1 and now back on the clock in Round 2, Dallas again adds an impactful offensive player. This time, it’s Jonathan Brooks, the star running back from Texas.

Brooks is arguably the No. 1 running back in this class but there’s still an expectation that none will go in the first round. Once we hit the second, Brooks could be supplanted by players such as Trey Benson since Brooks is coming off a torn ACL, which he suffered late in the season. Throw in the fact that he had just one year of production and there will be those who overthink this one.

That plays into the Cowboys hands since Brooks is still on the board in this mock. In need of a fresh start at running back, Brooks can provide that. He’s incredibly well-rounded with insane vision and patience. If there’s the slightest hole, he will find it and get there in a hurry. And then if he gets into open space, he has the speed to take it the distance.

Dallas struggled on the ground this past season with Tony Pollard looking far less explosive than we had seen in the past. He’s likely going to sign elsewhere and while the Cowboys would be smart to add some veteran insurance, landing Brooks is a major win. The offense can continue to run through Dak Prescott but he will be able to lean on Brooks the way he leaned on Ezekiel Elliott early in his career.