Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: All-In On Offense

How do the Cowboys attack the 2024 NFL Draft after disappointing playoff loss?
Dallas Cowboys
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Seventh round (first pick): Joshua Cephus, WR, UTSA

Like I said earlier, I would be shocked if the Dallas Cowboys just sat on their hands at the wide receiver position in this year's draft. They need to double-up at the position, if not take it a step further than that.

The Cowboys should learn a lesson from the team that just destroyed them in the playoffs. The Packers have invested five picks at receiver in the last two drafts, and a lot of those guys have absolutely shredded Dallas's defense.

Joshua Cephus had over 300 career catches at UTSA and 29 receiving touchdowns. He's 6-foot-3 with strong hands and intriguing developmental skills.

Seventh round (second pick): Frank Gore Jr., RB, Southern Miss

Where's the harm in adding a legacy to the roster, right?

We all know the legendary Frank Gore, the former NFL running back who was in the league for about 83 years.

Well, he was in the league so long that his kid is about to make it in 2024. Frank Gore Jr. is smaller than his father (5-foot-8, 185 pounds) but he's an intriguing all-purpose back with a ton of production and good tape to stand on. He would be a fun addition to Dallas's backfield rotation.

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