Cowboys Deemed 'Biggest Losers' of NFL Offseason

The Dallas Cowboys have been called the "biggest losers" of the 2024 NFL offseason by one writer.
Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

This offseason has been far from an overwhelming success for the Dallas Cowboys. The team's failed to make many big outside additions in free agency, while suffering clear losses from the 2023 roster. And despite drafting some nice prospects, there's still major question marks on the depth chart.

Even worse, Dallas' long-term future is in limbo with several stars looking for contracts, yet none have been taken care of yet.

All of these problems have caused Bleacher Report's Kristopher Knox to deem the Cowboys the "biggest losers" of the 2024 offseason.

Knox believes the Jacksonville Jaguars handing out their recent extension to quarterback Trevor Lawrence was the icing on top of this terrible offseason sundae for Dallas.

Because the Cowboys failed to agree to terms with Dak Prescott, Knox thinks Lawrence's five year, $275 million deal is now the bare minimum the Dallas signal-caller will demand, especially considering how underwhelming Lawrence has been during his young career.

""With Lawrence getting $55 million annually and $200 million guaranteed, Prescott can now demand Goff's deal ($170 million guaranteed for four years) and act as if he's doing Dallas a favor with a straight face.""

Kristopher Knox, Bleacher Report

This removes the little leverage Jerry Jones had in negotiations, per Knox, putting all of the pressure on the Cowboys now to pay up. And this is a problem the team could've avoided if it set the market by getting a Prescott deal done early, instead of reactively.

Dallas has watched as a number of other QB have gotten paid this offseason, several of which whose résumés are at or below Prescott's. Those deals have provided him with even more ammunition to take into negotiations, putting the Cowboys in a bind as he seeks fair compensation based on the current market.

Despite the Jones family boldly proclaiming the team would be going "all in" this offseason, their (lack of) action speaks volumes.

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