Cowboys Fans Won't Let Dan Orlovsky Backtrack on Ridiculous Daniel Jones Takes

The internet doesn't forget Dan...
Dan Orlovsky is getting roasted for his ridiculous Daniel Jones/Dak Presoctt take.
Dan Orlovsky is getting roasted for his ridiculous Daniel Jones/Dak Presoctt take. / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

It's amazing in this day and age that NFL analysts still think they can get away with pretending their old takes didn't happen. Everyone is keeping receipts.

After Daniel Jones put up another stinker for the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, Dan Orlovsky tried to convince everyone that he's always known that Jones sucks.

Wow, must be a pretty smart guy to have been so correct about Jones the whole time. Cowboys fans love to see that someone has been in their corner this whole time — knowing that Jones isn't good and that he was somehow getting massively overrated.

Except there's one small problem with what Orlovsky is claiming.


We're not even 365 days removed from Orlovsky ranking Jones as the No. 8 quarterback in the 2023 NFL Playoffs, while he had Dak Prescott down at No. 12. Cowboys fans have not forgotten that disrespect. So naturally, we're not about to let Orlovsky pretend he was right about Jones all along.

And fans weren't shy about letting him hear it either.

We're used to Dak getting disrespected. Heck, a lot of the disrespect thrown at him comes from Cowboys fans.

We're also used to watching other quarterbacks in the NFC East get overrated. It feels like every time the Giants win a game people are clamoring to crown them the new kings of the division.

But if you're going to have a take, at least stick with it.

Daniel Jones sucks. Always has, always will. And we're happy to have everyone on board that bandwagon. But anyone who decided to get caught up in the short-lived hype needs to at least admit they were wrong before we'll give them a free pass.

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