Cowboys Fans Should Be Very Worried About Latest Mazi Smith Injury Update

Is it already time to hit the panic button on the Mazi Smith draft pick?

Cowboys fans just got some bad news with the latest Mazi Smith injury update from training camp.
Cowboys fans just got some bad news with the latest Mazi Smith injury update from training camp. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys' selection of Michigan defensive Mazi Smith with the 26th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft didn't blow any Cowboys fans away, but it brought in a solid talent at a position of need. At the time, there wasn't much reason to be upset about the pick.

That was months ago, however. Now, some reasons to be upset are rearing their ugly head.

Mazi Smith Injury Update

Smith is being held out of Tuesday's training camp practice to undergo a "precautionary MRI" on his knee, which has been suffering apparent tendinitis throughout camp.

It's not quite time to hit the panic button yet (though Dallas fans may want to, especially given the rash of bad news we've been getting lately), but this is certainly a worrisome update.

First of all, you'd have hoped Smith would be absolutely fresh to start camp. Smith last played a game on December 31, 2022, so he had a long offseason to heal up and get in peak condition for his first NFL training camp. This injury may just be some bad luck, but it's hard not to be concerned about a guy who did have some off-the-field red flags coming into the draft.

The other piece is an injury like this is something that can really linger, especially when you're 337 pounds. That's a lot of weight to carry around, and that can also make it harder for a lingering injury to heal.

And if we want to really catastrophize? Training camp and a player's first NFL season are indescribably crucial for their development. Missing out on action here could have long-term impacts on Smith's development at the NFL level. How many times have we seen a highly-drafted player deal with an injury-plagued rookie season and then never live up to their potential?

I don't want to get too doom-and-gloom here. Dallas is still among the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this season, but news like this really puts a damper on the preseason hype.

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