5 Cowboys Who Won't Be Back if Dallas Doesn't Win the NFC

If the Dallas Cowboys don't win the NFC in 2023, these five members of the team could be on their way out in 2024
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No team gets scrutinized as much as the Dallas Cowboys, but that's not going to change until they start to win once again. And by win, that means in the postseason.

The Cowboys have been able to reel off regular season victories, with Mike McCarthy leading them to back-to-back 12-win campaigns. The problem is, they haven't been to the NFC Championship Game since the 1995 season. That's why it's so imperative for them to capitalize this year after pushing all their chips in during the offseason.

With that being said, here's a look at five Cowboys who won't be back in 2024 if they don't win the NFC this year.

5. Tony Pollard, Running Back

This one might be cheating. Tony Pollard is currently playing on the one-year franchise tag and will have made just north of $10 million when the season concludes. The production he's given is far from that, however, and while not all of that is on him, it's highly likely the Cowboys move on in the offseason.

Having said that, there's a chance he would return to this team if they were to make it to the Super Bowl. Understanding how hard it is to make it, Pollard might be willing to take a team-friendly deal if it means they can either go for a repeat or even avenge a loss in the title game.

That means the ball really is in Pollard's hands. Dallas wouldn't mind him coming back in 2024 but they need to make sure he doesn't make anything close to what he does right now.