5 Cowboys Offseason Moves That Are Already Flops at Midway Point of Season

The Dallas Cowboys made these five moves in an effort to improve in 2023 but after nine weeks, they appear to be flops

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Chargers
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5. Extending Terence Steele

Dallas is a franchise that refuses to learn from its mistakes. This is why fans grow frustrated after seeing one season after another end with a disheartening loss early in the playoffs.

Whether it’s rolling out the same staff or same starting unit that continues to fail, the 'Boys just keep hoping their guys will find a way to push themselves over the hump.

It still hasn’t happened and they continue making the same mistakes. A perfect example of this cycle is how they handled Terence Steele this offseason.

Steele had developed into a solid offensive tackle but he tore his ACL and MCL late last year. The Cowboys then gave him a five-year extension worth north of $86 million. They gave him this deal despite the fact that they were just burnt for extending a player coming off a similar injury.

Michael Gallup, who tore his ACL in 2021, was a shell of himself in 2022. The same has been true this year but Dallas is still tied to him due to his five-year extension.

Similar to Gallup in the passing game, Steele has been a major problem on the offensive line. He surrendered eight pressures in the Week 9 loss and was the one who gave up the critical sack late in the game.

As bad as these deals are, Dallas makes it worse on themselves when it comes to the length. While other teams have been giving out three-year deals that can be managed, the Cowboys keep insisting on doing five-year extensions. They were burnt now by Ezekiel Elliott, Gallup, and Steele but even so, don’t expect them to change their approach because they never do.

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