5 Cowboys Who Have Played Their Way Out of the Team’s 2024 Plans

Which Dallas Cowboys players have played their way out of the team's future plans?
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The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best and most well-rounded rosters in the NFL in 2023, but there are definitely some players you can look at on both sides of the ball who might be playing their way out of the team's 2024 plans.

The NFL is a ruthless business, and even some players who recently signed big-money deals could be let go. The Cowboys might even buck tradition and move on from some former first-round picks, which Jerry Jones absolutely hates to do.

Which Cowboys players have played their way out of the team's future plans? Let's take a look at five names who could already have one foot out the door.

5 Dallas Cowboys players playing their way out of 2024 script

1. Noah Igbinoghene, CB

The Dallas Cowboys struck a trade at the end of the preseason with the Miami Dolphins to acquire former first-round pick Noah Igbinoghene, giving up on former second-round pick Kelvin Joseph in the process. The Cowboys obviously felt like they had all the help they would need atop the depth chart at cornerback, and that the former first-round pick out of Auburn would be a worthwhile dart throw in Dan Quinn's defense.

Up to this point, Igbinoghene has proven to be anything but a worthwhile endeavor for the Cowboys. He has appeared in just four games this season, and hasn't played since October 8. Even with the Trevon Diggs season-ending injury, Igbinoghene hasn't been able to get on the field.

He's likely to be one-and-done in Dallas.