Cowboys Schedule: Predicting the Score of All 4 Remaining Games

Are the Dallas Cowboys going to be able to win their remaining games?
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Week 16: Dallas Cowboys @ Miami Dolphins

Sunday, December 24, 3:25 PM CT

If the Cowboys can go get a win in Buffalo, it will be interesting to see how the following week turns out in Miami. Not that the Dolphins have a massive home-field advantage at this time of year, but it's a home-field advantage, nonetheless.

What we saw from the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football against the Tennessee Titans did not look like a contending team. The Dolphins were sloppy. Of course, missing Tyreek Hill for a good portion of the game makes a difference, but Miami just hasn't been the same operation lately. They've beaten up on a lot of bad teams this season, but sloppiness is catching up to them.

They had three turnovers in a 20-13 win over the Raiders about a month ago. They had three turnovers in a 34-13 win over the New York Jets. You have quite a bit of room for error when you play those bad teams/quarterbacks, but what happens when you face off against a team like the Cowboys?

Especially if the Cowboys are coming off of a loss the week prior, I could see them getting back on track against a Miami team that needs to prove it's a true contender before the postseason.

Prediction: Cowboys win 34-30