Cowboys Schedule: Predicting the Score of All 4 Remaining Games

Are the Dallas Cowboys going to be able to win their remaining games?
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Week 18: Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Commanders

Sunday, January 7 (time TBD)

The Cowboys will obviously hope they know their playoff fate leading up to this game. If they can find a way to win all three of the previous games, perhaps they could enter Week 18 of the season knowing they are the top seed. Even if they're not the top seed, perhaps the Cowboys would be able to have the second seed locked in and give the majority of their prominent starters a "bye" week here in this particular game.

The Washington Commanders appear headed for wholesale changes after this season. There's no question they are one of the worst teams in the NFL right now and the Cowboys should be able to make quick work of them here, even if this is a matchup of Dallas's backups against whoever the Commanders are trotting out there.

If the Cowboys can get wins in three of their final four games, that will put them up to 13-4 on the season and would also put them in great position to get that top seed in the NFC. Although the 49ers are playing great right now and have the tie-breaker over the Cowboys, Dallas just needs them to slip up a time or two to have a chance.

Either way, I think this is a game the Cowboys win, starters or not.

Prediction: Cowboys win 33-17

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