Cowboys Score Last Night: Win Over Giants Made History on Sunday Night Football

Dallas dominated New York on national TV in Week 1.
The Cowboys made history with their Sunday Night Football blowout win over the New York Giants.
The Cowboys made history with their Sunday Night Football blowout win over the New York Giants. / Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys fans could not have asked for a better Week 1 showing than what we got on Sunday Night. It was a win, it was a stellar performance in all three areas of the game, every Cowboy stayed injury-free, and it was a thrashing of historic proportions.

That might end up being the biggest blowout in the NFL this season, so let's look at it in historic context.

Cowboys Score Last Night: 40-0 Blowout Win Made History

The Cowboys blew out the New York Giants 40-0 in Week 1. That's not the biggest blowout we've ever seen, but it makes the historical rankings in a couple of areas:

  • Biggest Cowboys Week 1 blowout: This was the second-biggest blowout the Cowboys have recorded in a season-opening game in franchise history. The +40 point differential trails only the 46-point win Dallas recorded over the Detroit Lions in 1968.
  • Biggest Cowboys blowout over the Giants: This was also the second-biggest blowout the Cowboys have ever recorded against the Giants. The biggest was a 45-point win (52-7) in 1966. Since then, the only time Dallas had blown out New York by even 35 points was in 1995. Well, now there's a new second-place rank, as well as a record for the biggest shutout the Cowboys have ever posted against the Giants.
  • First 40-plus point shutout since 2021: It's almost been two full years since any NFL team pulled off a shutout win with at least 40 points scored. It last happened on October 3, 2021 and nobody did it in the 2022 season.

And then here's this:

This wasn't just a regular blowout. It wasn't that one unit on the team happened to be playing at a ridiculous level. It was an absurdly well-rounded performance.

The offense was elite. The defense was elite. The special teams were elite.

This has all the makings of a team that's going to make a serious Super Bowl push in 2023.

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