Dez Bryant Tweets Reaction to Ezekiel Elliott Signing With Patriots

Dez has nothing but love for his former Cowboys teammate.

Dez Bryant tweeted the perfect reaction to Ezekiel Elliott signing with the Patriots.
Dez Bryant tweeted the perfect reaction to Ezekiel Elliott signing with the Patriots. / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant has never been shy about weighing in on the latest Cowboys drama since his retirement, and it's clear that he maintains close relationships with current players to stay tapped into what's going on. So Dallas fans knew he'd definitely have a take on Ezekiel Elliott signing with the New England Patriots.

And of course, he was quick to Tweet out his "instant reaction" to the news:

It's no surprise to see Dez so excited for his former teammate. It's been clear in his retirement that he's 100% on the side of Cowboys players, refusing to cut the organization any slack when there is any internal strife.

And Zeke probably has a particularly special place in Dez's heart. Bryant was already past his prime when the Cowboys drafted Elliott, but they were both big pieces of that 13-3 team in 2016 and they spent three seasons together in Dallas.

Most Dallas fans have a pretty similar reaction to the Zeke news too. If he had signed in Philly or with another NFC rival there might be some animosity, but signing for the Patriots? Especially at a time where the Patriots aren't even likely to be a playoff team?

Well that's perfect, because now Cowboys fans can cheer him on and get hyped up about Zeke eating too.

The big exception, naturally, will be on Oct. 1 when Elliott returns home to Dallas for a Week 4 Cowboys-Patriots showdown.

I have no doubt that Zeke will get a standing ovation for his return, but that love will quickly sour if he does too much damage against the Cowboys defense. We can't afford many losses this season, especially against non-playoff teams, and so we'll be hoping for Elliott's worst game of the season.

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