3 Most Likely Ezekiel Elliott Free Agent Destinations

Zeke's still a free agent, but a couple contenders may be calling about his services any day now.

3 most likely free agent destination for former Cowboy Ezekiel Elliott
3 most likely free agent destination for former Cowboy Ezekiel Elliott / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should be in full-on tank mode this season, and Zeke could easily be a part of that if he thinks he's still a real RB1.

The Bucs don't have a ton of cap space, but if Elliott is trying to prove he's got something left in the tank he won't want a long-term deal. As we've seen this summer, the RB market is dead so he won't get big money from anyone this offseason anyway.

Competing with Rachaad White and Chase Edmonds, it wouldn't be hard for Zeke to earn himself a big workload if did still prove to be a legit contributor.

And why would the Bucs do this?

First of all, even when you're tanking you still want to make things fun for your fans, and fans typically love thinking their team is the one who can revitalize a former star. Plus bringing in a big name could really light a fire under White and Ke'Shawn Vaughn to step up and prove themselves.

And as an added bonus, if things did work out with a big season for Zeke then the Bucs could probably flip him for a late-round pick to a contender at the deadline. At that point even getting a 6th or 7th would basically be free money, since any dead money on the cap would just be for the remainder of a tanking season anyway.

Now finally, a team that has been no stranger to marquee offseason acquisitions.