Has Any City Ever Won Multiple Major Sports Titles in One Year?

NC State v Duke
NC State v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages

At the moment, Dallas is by far the most dominant city in terms of sports across the country. The Rangers won their first World Series in franchise history back in November, while both the Stars and Mavericks on the verge of going to the championship in their respective league.

With Dallas close to having not one but two teams making it to the championship, it is natural to wonder what other cities have had this much success with their professional sports teams in just a one-year span.

Although it is uncommon to do so, there are a multitude of cities that have had more than one team win a championship in the same calendar year. The last city to do so was Tampa Bay back in 2020, in which the Buccaneers were able to win the Super Bowl in Tom Brady's first year with the team, and the Lightning captured the Stanley Cup (which happened to be against the Stars).

Los Angeles was also able to accomplish the feat in 2020 when both the Dodgers were able to win their first World Series in over thirty years, and the Lakers won the Finals while the team was in the bubble.

Before Tampa Bay and LA won multiple championships in a year, Boston was able to do the same in 2018. The Red Sox secured their fourth championship of the century, while the Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams in what happened to be the last time Brady won a Super Bowl with the Pats. Boston also produced two champions back in 2004: the Patriots and the Red Sox.

Before the new millennium, there were a total of 12 times that a city was able to have at least two championship winners in one year. New York City made it onto the list six of those 12 times. 

The closest Dallas has ever come to winning two championships in the same year was when the Mavericks won the Finals for the first time in franchise history back in 2011. Additionally, in 2011, the  Rangers appeared in the World Series for the second straight year. However, they suffered a heartbreaking loss to the St.Louis Cardinals, killing Dallas' chances of having two champions in a year.

While it is not unheard of for a city to win two championships in the same year, no locale has ever been able to have three champions in one year. If both the Mavericks and Stars are able to go the distance and win a championship, Dallas would be the first ever city to represent three champions in the span of a year. 

Overall, it would be a tremendous accomplishment for the city of Dallas to be home to a total of three championship teams in just a year. Especially since Dallas is relatively a young city in regards to sports, with the Stars, Mavericks, and Rangers all being expansion teams

Even if the Stars and/or Mavericks are not able to win a championship, it has still been a magical year for Dallas sports and gives fans hope this can become one of the most prominent sports towns in the country.