Jerry Jones Carefully Avoids Deion Sanders-Cowboys Speculation

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones carefully avoided any speculation about hiring Deion Sanders as head coach.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones carefully avoided any speculation about hiring Deion Sanders as head coach. / Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest stories in all of football is Deion Sanders' electric start at Colorado. The former Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall-of-Famer has turned around the Buffaloes' program in short order, which has already prompted speculation about him jumping to the pro coaching ranks.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was asked about Sanders' performance at CU so far, and he was full of praise.

Jones called Sanders "a hell of a coach" and admitted he watched Colorado's entire primetime game against Colorado State Saturday night. However, Jones made sure to nip any Sanders-Cowboys rumors in the bud despite his reverence of Dallas' former All-Pro cornerback.

"He influences people. And of course that’s part of it in the NFL. But I don’t want to go there because you know where that starts going, every which way."

Jerry Jones on Deion Sanders

Of course, though Jones wants to avoid any Sanders-Cowboys talk, that doesn't mean he'll get his wish. Dallas' head coaching position is under evaluation every season as long as this franchise's championship drought continues. We know Jones will consider any means possible to secure himself another ring, and that could involve a dramatic shakeup that sees Sanders take over one day.

However, McCarthy has done almost everything possible to remain at the helm and squash any itch to make a change. He owns an impressive 52-32 record as Cowboys HC, leading both an offense and defense that have ranked top 10 or better in key stats. His ability to hire Dan Quinn as defensive coordinator and retain him despite the allure of becoming a head coach again doesn't get enough praise.

McCarthy's decision to ouster Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator already appears to be paying dividends as well. McCarthy's tenure as play-caller has gotten off to a rousing start, as Dallas has outscored opponents 70-10 over the first two games of the season.

Jones has been on the record that he thinks this year's roster has as good of a shot as any in team history to win the Super Bowl. That certainly sets the bar for McCarthy, and it could open the door for a change if he doesn't live up to those lofty expectations. So far, though, he's passing with flying colors.

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