Jerry Jones-Jimmy Johnson Exchange Before MNF Was Beyond Frustrating

The Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson's surprising pregame encounter fuels frustration over their strained relationship and Jones' refusal to honor Johnson.
Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson had a pregame meetup before Monday Night Football.
Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson had a pregame meetup before Monday Night Football. / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Jerry Jones-Jimmy Johnson relationship has long been a point of tension in the Dallas Cowboys world. As two fixtures of the team's historic success, fans would love to see the two of them on good terms. But that's just not been the case.

That made it particularly interesting when the two ran into each other on camera in the pregame buildup to the win on Monday Night Football over the Chargers.

Check out how Jerry reacted here:

Jones busted out the ol' "woah, am I seeing this right!?" gag — an old-man classic that would do any of our grandpas proud. And then It was nice to see the two hug it out, and for Jimmy Johnson to have a big, genuine looking smile on his face.

Whence the frustration, then? You really have to wonder how much of this (at least on Jerry's side) was just for the sake of propriety.

I mean, if Jerry had no personal issues with Johnson, how could you even begin to explain his long-standing snub from the Cowboys' Ring of Honor? And that's what makes this whole charade so frustrating.

If Jones would just own it and admit that he's holding a grudge against Johnson, at least we'd be getting the truth and not this weird situation where the organization is pretending it makes any sense to refuse to honor him.

And then let's not forget about the potential curse. The Cowboys do have one Super Bowl win since Johnson left the team, but that was back in 1995, with the roster Johnson helped put together and before a Ring of Honor spot made much sense. But since then we haven't even been back to the NFC Championship, let alone to a Super Bowl.

For the sake of the franchise, Jerry needs to do right by Johnson.

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