Jerry Jones Makes Unbelievable Revelation About Dak Prescott Saga

Did Jerry Jones go too far this time?

Jerry Jones dropped a shocking revelation about how he's approaching the Cowboys quarterback situation with Dak Prescott.
Jerry Jones dropped a shocking revelation about how he's approaching the Cowboys quarterback situation with Dak Prescott. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones is pulling no punches in trying to get the upper hand in contract negotiations with Dak Prescott. The Trey Lance trade was one thing, but he got even wilder on Tuesday.

Jones claimed in a press conference about the Lance trade that the Cowboys are always looking to make moves at quarerback. He says they were even ready to draft Jalen Hurts if he had fallen to them.

This is an unbelievable comment in both senses of the word.

First, I'm not sure I actually believe it. This isn't the first time Jerry told us he was ready to draft a start player but just missed the chance. He's honeslty starting to sound like the guy in your fantasy football leauge who complains that he would have drafted the perfect team, if not for the pesky fact that other people kept drafting the good players.

But it's also unbelievable how casually he took a shot like this at Dak. Yes, negotiations are underway with Prescott because 2024 is the final year on his contract, but this is kind of low.

Jones gets how much Cowboys fans don't like Jalen Hurts. Heck, he won't even say Hurts' name in the interview. This is one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL.

And here's Jones just casually dropping, essentially, that he'd rather have the arch rival's starting quarterback than his own.

Say what you want about Dak and his performance. I know some fans think he's underrated while some think he's what's holding this Cowboys team back. But Jerry's not doing him any favors with comments like this. How thick does your skin have to be to go out there and do your best work right after hearing your boss say he wishes he had your biggest rival instead of having you?

I know NFL players are supposed to be full of confidence and impervious to criticism. And it's one thing when that criticism is coming from fans or from Skip Bayless. But it's totally different when it's coming from the owner of the organization.

Jerry wants to get Dak at a discount. I get it. But making public comments like this is just a wild approach to the negotiations, and honestly it's the kind of thing that might even have the fans rally behind Prescott more than ever.

One thing is certain, though. Winning cures everything in the NFL, and if Prescott goes out and carries the Cowboys this season then Jones will have no leg to stand on if he wants to keep taking shots like this one.

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