Jerry Jones Reveals Cowboys' Surprising Trade Deadline Plans

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has revealed his team's surprising plans for the 2023 NFL trade deadline.
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has revealed his team's surprising plans for the 2023 NFL trade deadline. / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

With the NFL trade deadline a week away, the Dallas Cowboys still have a bit of time to pursue some outside help ahead of a playoff run. Considering some of the team's weaknesses have been put on display already this season, it makes a ton of sense for the Cowboys to be actively scouring the league for upgrades.

With the clock ticking, Dallas owner Jerry Jones was asked about his team's plans for the deadline on Tuesday.

Cowboys Trade Rumors

Jones said on his weekly radio interview at 1053 The Fan that the Cowboys aren't initiating any trade discussions before the deadline. He pointed out that while bringing in someone new could help, it would also set the team back since they have to "start over" in a sense. This wouldn't be the most useful for a squad that's settled in, and could instead disrupt the chemistry that's already been built.

Jones' comments make sense, although they're still a bit surprising. After all, he usually loves to make a deal, and there are surely a few players around the league he'd like to have on his own team. With Dallas somewhat underperforming to begin 2023, too, there are probably a few players he'd like to ship out.

That being said, just because Jones isn't the first to call up teams doesn't mean his phone is off. He's just simply letting other teams come to him since he likes "where we are" with the current personnel.

This could be a bargaining strategy from the savvy owner. If he sounds desperate to make trades, opposing GMs will try to take advantage and potentially lowball him.

Jones very well may be sending a hidden message with his comments that trade offers to this point haven't been fruitful enough, so he's taking a step back. That will possibly prompt any teams in talks with the Cowboys to up their game if there's a piece they're eyeing.

There are several ways to read Jones' statement, and that's probably exactly the way he wants it. With areas to improve, though, don't expect Dallas to be completely radio silent ahead of the deadline.

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