Micah Parsons Celebrates NFL Fixing Ridiculous Rule

The NFL has announced several rule changes this week, including an improvement to roughing the passer calls that has the Dallas Cowboys' Micah Parson celebrating on social media.

Micah Parsons is thrilled that the NFL has addressed its roughing-the-passer rule.
Micah Parsons is thrilled that the NFL has addressed its roughing-the-passer rule. / Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY

It's been a busy week for the NFL as this year's Annual League Meeting continues in Orlando, FL. The yearly gathering has led to several changes to the rulebook, ranging from hip-drop tackles being banned to a brand-new kickoff setup that was inspired by the XFL's success.

The league also made improvements to how some penalties are called. NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports that "the replay assistant will now be permitted to correct certain types of incorrect calls for roughing the passer and intentional grounding." Considering how frequently roughing the passer penalties were called, the ability to have wrong calls changed is huge.

Unsurprisingly, one popular Dallas Cowboys defender is thrilled about the changes.

Cowboys News: Micah Parsons Excited About Roughing the Passer Changes

Cowboys superstar defender Micah Parsons didn't waste any time celebrating the NFL's newest rule change. The three-time Pro-Bowler took to social media on Tuesday to express his happiness, saying that the improvements are the "best news we have seen all day!"

Parsons is one of the most physically dominant players in NFL history, which often leads to his falling into hot water with the officials. Since joining the league in 2021, the ex-Penn State product has had 15 accepted penalties called against him with three of them being for roughing the passer.

Parsons' latest run-in with the penalty occurred just last season in a Week 16 meeting with the Miami Dolphins. A well-timed shove to Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa caused officials to hand Parsons a roughing the passer penalty, causing the Harrisburg, PA native to go nuclear on the referees.

The Dolphins went on to score on that drive before beating the Cowboys by two points. Unsurprisingly, Parsons didn't mince words in the post-game media scrum, mentioning how the officials' decisions were "mind-blowing" and that when it comes to roughing the passer calls, "a lot of it is BS."

Hopefully, the replay improvements lead to roughing the passer penalties being called more consistently going forward. While it's important to protect quarterbacks, who are often the faces of the NFL, world-class defenders like Parsons need to be given some leeway to display their full talents.

Time will tell if the rule changes allow the 24-year-old game-changer to be even more dominant in his fourth year. For now, Parsons is FanDuel Sportsbook's odds-on favorite to be named the 2024 NFL Defensive Player of the Year after finishing second or third in voting in each of his first three seasons.

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