Micah Parsons Contract Extension Just Got a Lot More Expensive for Cowboys

Nick Bosa's record-setting contract will have a major impact on the Cowboys-Parsons negotiations.

The upcoming Micah Parsons contract extension just got a lot more expensive for the Dallas Cowboys.
The upcoming Micah Parsons contract extension just got a lot more expensive for the Dallas Cowboys. / Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Micah Parsons is the best defensive player in the NFL. I don't care what last year's Defensive Player of the Year award says — he's an elite edge rusher who's also versatile enough to play off the ball, and he's the heavy favorite to win DPoY in 2023 for a reason.

He's also on the second-last year of his contract, and the Cowboys are going to have to pay an arm and a leg to extend him. The potential price-tag that Parsons is going to command just got a lot higher too, after Nick Bosa finally signed his new record-setting extension on Wednesday.

New record-setting defensive contracts are being signed every year now. A couple years ago J.J. Watt got $28 million per year. Then it was Aaron Donald at $31 million. Now Bosa’s getting $34 million per year, with the vast majority of his $170 million being guaranteed.

The Cowboys need to act quickly, because this trend is not going to let up.

Micah is younger than Bosa. He's more versatile than Bosa. He's better than Bosa. Pro Football Focus had Parsons as their No. 8 graded defender in 2021 and No. 4 in 2022. He beat Bosa (13th in 2021, 5th in 2022) both years.

So even if Parsons were signing his deal right now, we're probably looking at something north of $35 million per year. That's a deal that would be worth $175 million over five years. But if we keep waiting and this inflating trend continues? Something in the $38-40 million per year range is certainly within play.

And when Dak Prescott is also up for an extension, it suddenly becomes very, very difficult to build out a deep roster around what will be two massive contracts.

Micah is certainly going to be worth every penny, and it's not like it's disappointing that he's playing well enough to warrant that much money, but it does mean that Jerry Jones is going to need to make some seriously shrewd moves to continue fielding a Super Bowl-worthy roster around his young star.

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