Micah Parsons' New Role Put on Hold By Trevon Diggs Injury

Don't expect to see Micah Parsons catching passes any time soon.

Micah Parsons won't get his new offensive role after Trevon Diggs' injury.
Micah Parsons won't get his new offensive role after Trevon Diggs' injury. / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Micah Parsons accidentally let slip some info he wasn't supposed to earlier this week when he revealed on the Pat McAfee show that the Cowboys had been letting him get some tight end reps on the scout team. Cowboys fans were immediately thrilled at the idea of getting to see Parsons catch a touchdown or two on offense.

Well according to Jerry Jones, the Trevon Diggs injury has put that plan on the backburner.

Cowboys News: No Offensive Role for Micah Parsons

In an interview with 105.3 The Fan, Jerry Jones made it pretty clear that the team will no longer plan to use Micah Parsons on offense after losing Trevon Diggs to a season-ending ACL tear.

The original news Parsons leaked immediately brought forward thoughts of having him lined up at tight end in goal line sets, where he could catch a touchdown or two. Think Mike Vrabel during the early-2000's Patriots Super Bowl runs.

That would have been incredibly fun to see, and even though offensive production probably shouldn't count in the Defensive Player of the Year, you've gotta think having a couple touchdown-scoring highlights would make him a more popular pick anyway. He's already a huge favorite though, so it's also not like we need to worry about this hurting his DPoY case either.

It's also not hard to see Jerry's point. Just how much of a difference would it really make to have Micah Parsons at tight end instead of Peyton Hendershot or Luke Schoonmaker? In all likelihood it's not something that would make the Cowboys any more likely to win a game.

It's easy to get carried away with wanting to do fun things like that when everything's going well — when you're blowing out all your opponents.

But the Diggs injury was a reminder that nothing is guaranteed in the NFL, and that even during the good times you need to be preparing as if every week is make-or-break.

Even a slight increase in injury risk for Parsons isn't something to play around with, and Jones revealed that the Cowboys will be taking the conservative route here.

I'm sure Micah is disappointed, but it's hard to fault the Cowboys here.

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