The Perfect Dan Quinn Replacement is Obvious, But Nobody Wants to Say It

It's never been more obvious who the perfect candidate for the Cowboys' defensive coordinator job is.
Jan 8, 2020; Frisco, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones smiles as he answers questions
Jan 8, 2020; Frisco, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones smiles as he answers questions / Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
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"The Hiring Would Bring Too Much Drama"

I guess I can see why you might protest like this. Cowboys fans are righlty sick of always getting negative media attention. It would be better to remain somewhat anonymous than to listen to the criticism that would come from a Belichick hiring.

But first of all, we know Jerry Jones believes the opposite of that. Jerry would rather field the most hated team of all time than to fall out of the news cycle.

And second of all, we're facing the drama regardless. The media is going to be all over whatever happens with a Dak extension. They'll be all over McCarthy. Adding in one more piece of drama isn't going to make a difference.

And fearing drama is no reason not to make the right football decision.

"He'll Be Gone as Soon as He Has a Chance at Another Head Coaching Job"

He sure will. No arguments from me there. But let me answer this with a big question: so what?

Coordinators leave. That's what happens when you have a great one, and that's a fine price to pay for having a good one. Dan Quinn's contributions aren't somehow minimized by the fact that he didn't retire in Dallas. You don't develop a coordinator from the ground up in hopes you turn someone into a gem eventually. If you do that, they're leaving anyway.

It would suck if he did a great job and then left before seeing it through, but that's the case for any coordinator.

"Belichick Won't Accept Anything But a Head Coaching Job"

It's your word versus mine here, and neither of us know Bill well enough to give a confident answer here.

If the big holdup is "will he accept the job" and not "is he right for the job" then it's a pretty good sign that he would be a great hire if we can make it happen.

And if I had to guess, Bill loves football too much to sit out a season as a TV personality. A diehard might like his actual analysis, like when he goes off on 15-minute NFL history tangents in press conferences, but do you think a major network is going to let him have free run like that?

A year as a coordinator makes a lot more sense than a year as a talking head as he bides his time waiting for another head coaching job.

And now with those concerns responded to, why is he right for the job?