The Perfect Dan Quinn Replacement is Obvious, But Nobody Wants to Say It

It's never been more obvious who the perfect candidate for the Cowboys' defensive coordinator job is.
Jan 8, 2020; Frisco, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones smiles as he answers questions
Jan 8, 2020; Frisco, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones smiles as he answers questions / Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
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So Why is He Right For the Job?

I already touched on it in addressing the argument that he can't keep up with the modern game, but Bill straight up knows defense.

If you want to just focus on the modern game and ignore his defenses ranking top-11 in points against in all six seasons as the New York Giants' defensive coordinator, fine. If you want to ignore that he took over the Browns after their defense ranked 28th in points against and proceeded to have them rank 18th, 14th, 12th then 7th over the next four years, fine.

But his longevity fielding elite defenses has spanned many eras of football already. He's had no problem shutting down any new era of offense that's come up against him. And that includes the most recent motion-heavy, pass-heavy game we're seeing right now.

Belichick will also command a ton of respect in the locker room. And that's something that's going to be increasingly important if the players don't have faith in Mike McCarthy — something that is almost sure to happen if things go south at any point next year.

And talk about a backup plan. If McCarthy does need to be fired, you couldn't ask for a much better Interim Head Coach option than Belichick. For a team that has Super Bowl-level talent but a head coach who might not be capable of bringing them there, the option to fire him if he's not performing and get right back into contention is incredibly valuable.

I get it. You've spent years building up a hatred for Bill Belichick. You've taken glee in seeing him fail. That's all fine.

But in the NFL, you've gotta do whatever it takes. The Cowboys' window to contend with their current roster isn't going to stay open forever, so let's do something dramatic.

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