Proposed Cowboys Trade Reroutes Trey Lance for Defensive Upgrade

Trey Lance is already gone from Dallas in the latest trade deadline speculation.
Trey Lance is projected to be sent to the Denver Broncos in trade deadline speculation.
Trey Lance is projected to be sent to the Denver Broncos in trade deadline speculation. / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys may be having issues at the quarterback position, but there's at least one thing that's super clear in Dallas: Trey Lance isn't the answer. Trading for him in the offseason was always a strange move, and the Cowboys are already being projected to move on from the former first-round pick.

Bill Barnwell proposed a big Cowboys trade that would send Lance to the Denver Broncos in order to upgrade the defense in his latest on ESPN.

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Cowboys Trey Lance Trade Rumors

Barnwell projects the Cowboys to use Trey Lance as ammunition to add Denver Broncos linebacker Alex Singleton, while also jumping up from the sixth round to the fourth round in the 2025 NFL Draft.

This would be the perfect return for Lance, especially considering the Cowboys only spent a fourth-rounder to bring Lance to Dallas in the first place. On the draft pick math, the pair of trades would mean Dallas is only net down a sixth-round pick to bring in Singleton.

And with Leighton Vander Esch on the shelf, Singleton would be worth a lot more than a sixth-round pick to the Cowboys defense.

It’s been a down year for Singleton (like everyone else in Denver), but he’s coming off a 160-tackle season in 2022 (which marked his third straight with 120-plus).

The 2022 season saw Singleton earn a career-best 79.1 overall grade from Pro Football Focus, which is better than any that LVE has earned since 2018. Singleton’s also still just 29 years old, and he’s under contract (at reasonable numbers, no less) through the 2025 season. This isn’t just a one-year stop gap solution while Vander Esch is hurt.

Singleton could be a long-term valuable piece of the defense — something that’s usually just a pipe dream when you draft a rookie in the sixth round.

Obvioulsy it's just speculation for now, but Barnwell is a long-time NFL insider, and it's exciting for Cowboys fans to see that they have a real chance of getting a return like this for Lance.

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