Rangers Fans Roast Houston Chronicle For Trying to Take Shot at World Series Banner on Twitter

The Houston Chronicle tried to take a shot at the Texas Rangers' World Series banner on Thursday. Unfortunately for the publication, Rangers fans are letting them know that the attempted burn was a complete fail.

Texas Rangers fans are roasting the Houston Chronicle following a failed cheapshot attempt.
Texas Rangers fans are roasting the Houston Chronicle following a failed cheapshot attempt. / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers opened the 2024 MLB season on Thursday and it couldn't have gone better. Not only did the Rangers record a hard-fought 4-3 extra-innings win over the Chicago Cubs, but they also unveiled the first-ever World Series banner in franchise history.

Success attracts haters, though, and the Rangers received an example of that last night when the Houston Chronicle attempted to take a shot at the banner. Unfortunately, the publication's attempted burn didn't go as planned.

Rangers News: Texas Fans Roast Houston Chronicle's Failed Burn

The Houston Chronicle's Matt Young wrote an entire article able how the Rangers' World Series banner was wrinkled and that social media was laughing at it. He even quoted various Houston Astros fans with some pointing out all of the open space on the banner with another saying it looked like a Fantatics flag.

Much to Young's dismay, though, his attempts to laugh at the Rangers backfired. After all, the Astros (and city of Hoston) aren't in the position to be laughing at anyone.

One Rangers fan pointed out that while social media might be laughing at the banner, the "Texas Rangers are laughing at eliminating the Trashtros last season then going on to win it all."

As we all know, the Rangers defeated the Astros in seven games in last year's ALCS to advance to the World Series. Even more embarrassing is the fact that Houston blew a 3-2 series with the final two games being played at Minute Maid Park.

Speaking of the Astros' home, another Rangers fan took a shot at Minute Maid Park, asking if the former can "fix losing in their own stadium." Not only did Houston fall to Texas in all four of its ALCS home games, but the Astros also opened the 2024 season with a 5-4 home loss to the New York Yankees after blowing a 4-0 lead.

The rest of the replies are absolutely golden. There's just no reason that any of the other 29 teams (and their supporters) should take shots at the Rangers' banner when the only thing that matters is who won the World Series.

While it's normal for the Astros to hate on the Rangers, one Texas fan questions why a publication like the Houston Chronicle would publish such a silly article. Another even said they'd "rather have wrinkles in the banner than the legitimacy of our title," which is an obvious dig at Houston's 2017 sign-stealing scandal.

The Rangers-Astros rivalry has been heating up in recent years and fans won't have to long for them to face off. The AL West rivalry resumes with a four-game series at Globe Life Field beginning on Friday, Apr. 5. Texas lost last regular season's series 9-4 but made up for it with the ALCS victory.

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