TCU Freshman from Dallas is College Football's Biggest Star, Literally

It won't be long before huge NIL offers start coming in for Brione Ramsey-Brooks. But can he make an impact on the field?

Sonny Dykes' TCU Horned Frogs have the heaviest player in college football on their roster.
Sonny Dykes' TCU Horned Frogs have the heaviest player in college football on their roster. / Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

The college football season is almost here, and that means we're getting first looks at plenty of freshmen in training camp.

You may think Arch Manning is the most attention-grabbing freshman of 2023, but I can do you one better. TCU recruited 3-star offensive lineman Brione Ramsey-Brooks from South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas, and he's already the heaviest player in college football. Just check out his listing on TCU's official website:

Brione Ramsey-Brooks: College Football's Heaviest Player

If you're like me, you probably thought that "455 lbs" listing was either a typo or a ridiculously inflated number. I mean, even 355 pounds is pretty massive, even for a 6-foot-5 guard. But let me go ahead and put all of your doubts to bed:

Yeah, that's a legit 400-plus pounds. Photos of Ramsey-Brooks from TCU training camp haven't emerged yet, but it's hard to imagine he's any smaller than we saw above. It also looks like he knows how to use that size and strength, which is certainly not always the case with a massive player:

Is 455 pounds going to be Ramsey-Brooks' ideal playing weight? Probably not, but as a 3-star recruit he's also not expected to step in and start playing as a rookie for the Horned Frogs. But his frame is clearly capable of holding a lot of weight, and a year or two of development and an NCAA strength and conditioning program are going to make him seriously scary.

For some context, there have only been two players in NFL history to be officially listed at over 400 pounds, and none have been listed above 410. Here's what 6-foot-6, 410-pound Aaron Gibson looked like in the pros. At about the same height, it's not hard to believe that Ramsey-Brooks is an honest 450.

Aaron Gibson
Brian Bahr/GettyImages

Already getting this much media attention will obviously be big for Ramsey-Brooks' potential NIL deals, but fans in Dallas will certainly be rooting for their new local hero to make an eventual on-field impact at the NCAA and even NFL level too.

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