Troubling Rumors of Tension Within the Cowboys Surface

A troubling report has emerged on the current mood within the Dallas Cowboys heading into a massive 2024 season.

October 8, 2023; Santa Clara, California, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy (left) and
October 8, 2023; Santa Clara, California, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy (left) and / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone following the Dallas Cowboys knows how big the 2024 season will be for the future of this franchise. It starts at the top, with Mike McCarthy's uncertain status as head coach and questions about Dak Prescott's worth without any real postseason success.

That's why it's important to have every person in the building highly motivated to produce big results in 2024, but it turns out the limbo state of the team is weighing on those involved.

Michael Gelhken of the Dallas Morning News reported on the current downtrodden vibe within the Cowboys' building.

First, Gehlken reveals essentially the entire coaching staff is in a contract year, with even new hires like Mike Zimmer getting only one-season pacts. That has created "resulting discomfort and unhappiness" heading into the campaign considering the staff has no clue if they'll be sticking around past 2024.

It's not just those under McCarthy who are feeling tense, though. Gehlken adds "the sentiment extends deeper than the coaches" as there's "little sense of commitment [that's] felt anywhere."

This is troubling to say the least. While the staff is well aware this is a make-or-break year, there's a way management can ease some of that nervousness. Instead, it seems like the front office simply doesn't care about how the coaches are feeling, which could have major negative consequences.

After all, it'll be the staff that's tasked with getting the most out of the team's players in 2024. If those leaders aren't totally present or happy, though, it's tough to see how this squad takes the leap to contender status.

The fact players are feeling uneasy as well, even before free agency or the draft, could be a sign of difficult times ahead too. They need to be motivated to play the star on their helmet, instead of wondering if things would be better somewhere else.

It's clear Jerry Jones has some major work to do within the building if he's to field the Super Bowl hopeful he wants in 2024.

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