Dallas Cowboys: Did Jerry Jones Once Again Put His Foot In His Mouth?

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Offensive line play: To me, this black hole they call an offensive line is the biggest weakness on the entire team. I am sure you remember that in the last meeting with the Giants in week 17 of the 2011 season, Tony Romo got sacked six times and spent most of the game running for his life. As a result, the Giants handed the Cowboys their butts on a platter and went on to win the Super Bowl. It is impossible to beat a pass rushing team like the Giants without a running game to keep them at bay. The current offensive line doesn’t consist of a single, solid, run blocking, (road grader) offensive guard. The starting center, Phil Costa, would be a backup at best anywhere else in the NFL. There are currently better centers on the street in Jason Brown and Andre Gurode.  In a previous article titled  “Did The Dallas Cowboys Really Improve The Offensive Line”, I did a complete break down that shows just how bad it really is. My latest article was on free agent offensive guard Vince Manuwai.   Any of the aforementioned players would make an immediate improvement.

Yesterday I emailed this question to my friend Bryan Broaddus on the talking Cowboys show:

Casara in Orlando Fl. –  All I have heard about lately is the Cowboys trying to get another WR, but considering the fact that Bernadeu is on the PUP list and there are no guarantees on how long it will take him to get back in to football shape once he is able to practice again, Kowalski has a foot injury, and Arkin obviously isn’t strong enough yet to compete at the NFL level, combined with the fact that Leary has no NFL experience and may need time to digest the playbook, wouldn’t it make perfect sense for the Cowboys to go out and get a veteran guard like Vince Manuwai? I can’t understand why Jerry and Jason seem to have no interest in protecting Tony better and/or improving the running game. What good does it do to have all these WR’s when Tony won’t have time to get them the ball? 

I was told that Bryan addressed the question as from his friend in Orlando during the live show, but when I went to DC.com to watch the podcast, it had been edited, and that part had been removed. Things that make you go hmmmm. I have said this before and I will say it again, “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”. They can’t censor what I say here. I will continue to report the truth to the fans.

"Unless Jerry Jones comes to the realization that this team needs some serious help on the offensive line, any hope of beating the New York Giants, is just that, “HOPE”.  To Live In Hope, Is To Die In Despair."

Pass Rush: It is no secret that Jerry Jones put all of his eggs in to the cornerback basket this year by bringing in free agent Brandon Carr and trading up to get Morris Claiborne as the 6th over all pick in the 2012 NFL draft. Early on he had given Orlando Scandrick a large contract extension. That’s all well and good, but I don’t care if you have Derrell Revis and Deion Sanders back there, if you can’t get to the quarterback, they will get beat. It is also no secret that the Cowboys have only managed to sack Eli Manning 4 times in the last 6 games against the Giants. Unfortunately, The Giants managed to sack Tony Romo 6 times in just the last game against the Giants. Even Rex Grossman looked like Tom Brady against the Cowboys’ pass rush. It must improve. Defenses win championships.

Eli Manning is no Tom Brady.  In fact, I wouldn’t even call him a Tony Romo, but the fact remains, if you give any NFL QB the ability to step up in to the pocket and have the time to make 3 or 4 reads, (especially when he has 2 top NFL WR’s like Nicks and Cruz at his disposal), he is going to pick you apart. In case you forgot, Eli threw for over 400 yards against the Cowboys. If they can’t find a way to collapse the pocket (I still say they should have drafted Ta’Amu) and get some pressure on Eli, we can forget about any hope of beating the Giants. JJ did absolutely nothing in the offseason to substantially help the pass rush either.

"All I can say is, until Jerry Jones comes to the realization that it all starts in the trenches, that the game is won by controlling the line of scrimmage, this team will continue to wallow in the mire of mediocrity."