Dallas Cowboys Preseason Report 2012: Offense Vs Defense

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The San Francisco 49ers were 6-10 the same year the Cowboys were. In one lockout offseason, Harbaugh came in, cleaned house, and took them to the NFC championship the next year. Currently, they are 8th in total offense, 1st in rushing yards, and 8th in total defense. To think that they don’t have a QB anywhere near as good as Tony Romo, yet they continue to have this kind of success, should make people wonder if Jason Garret was/is the right man for the job. If you go back and look it up, every year since Garret became the offensive coordinator, the running game, 3rd down conversions, and red zone offense have been in a rapid decline.

Sean Payton left Dallas and took a rag tag losing franchise like the New Orleans Saints to the promised land. For the first time in the history of the franchise, they are consistent winners. You are entitled to your opinion, but I think Garrett’s lack of coaching experience is damaging the future of this franchise. It’s only a matter of time before Rob Ryan becomes his fall guy like Wade was. I am seeing the same pattern of everything being put on the shoulders of the defense because Garrett’s offense is unable to sustain drives, burn clock and give those guys a rest. A 5/23 3rd down conversions ratio is totally unacceptable.


Tony Romo: Top 5 QB in the NFL. 2nd all time in career passer rating. Probably one of the best all time at avoiding the sack.

Jason Witten: Might be the most complete TE in the NFL. 7x pro bowler, what else needs to be said.

DeMarcus Ware: By far one of the best pass rushers of all time. Had 19.5 sacks in 2011.

Sean Lee: By far the best player the Cowboys have drafted since Ware. Has the potential to be a HOF LB.

Brandon Carr: Has proven to be a solid CB and can hold his own on an island. Currently leads the team with 2 INTs.

Anthony Spencer: One of the best in the league as a SOLB. Excellent against the run and in coverage.

Mike Jenkins: Has been a solid CB in Dal. Was by far the best on the team in 2012. I don’t think Claiborne can beat him for the #2 spot.

Sean Lissemore: Solid player who continues to improve his craft. Expect big things from him in 2012.

Kyle Orton: Probably the best backup a team could have. Experienced vet who is up to the task if his name is called.

Jay Ratliff: (but as a 3 tech): Multiple-year Pro Bowl selection with a non stop motor. Strong and quick. Look for more in a 4-3 front.

Jason Hatcher: Another solid player who improves every year. Look for him to play a major role this year.

Dez Bryant: Has the potential to be great. Had a nice camp, but it needs to translate to the field.

Young guys

Dan Bailey: Has proven to be one of the top kickers in the NFL. Look for him to only get better.

Cole Beasley: Beastley is all I can say. Currently leads the team in Rec, with 7 catches for 104 yds. 12th in the NFL.

Alex Albright: Solid versatile player, currently leads the team with 13 tackles.

Adrian Hamilton: Unbelievably gifted player. Good technique, quick, non stop motor. I expect him to make a huge impact.

Dwayne Harris: Has proven to be durable and that he can be effective in the red zone. Good hands and run after catch ability.

DeMarco Murray: If he can stay healthy, and has a decent OL, can be a top 5 RB in the NFL.

Orie Lemon: What can I say, another guy who has shown good work ethic and improves every day. Solid player.

Phillip Tanner: Strong, quick, and a solid blocker. Has the power to be the goal line back.

Ben Bass: Still a little raw, but very coachable. I see him developing in to a decent player over the next yr or two.

Barry Church: One of the most improved players on the team. Great in the box, still a little raw in coverage.

Tyrone Crawford: This guy has been a solid force on the Cowboys defense. He had a real good camp and learned the system quickly. He comes from a very complex Boise State system that requires the utmost discipline. He has good technique, good upper body strength and never gives up on a play. His non stop motor, high football IQ, and excellent work ethic tells me he will eventually be a Pro Bowl DE in the NFL. This is the kind of player who will be the most useful in a 4 man front.

From what I have seen so far, all of these players have the ability to make things happen for this team. At this point, the success of this franchise is in the hands of Jason Garrett. You may wonder why I don’t have Miles Austin on the list, well it’s simple. I want to see the same Miles who got that huge contract a couple years ago. I also want to see him complete a season. That being said, outside of the offensive line, this team has plenty of talent and depth to get to the promise land. I just wonder when Jason Garret is going to realize that it all starts up front. To me, he is the Achilles heel on this team.

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