Ranking My Top 5 Favorite Dallas Stars Games Of The Season


Late Monday night, the inevitable became reality. With a Winnipeg Jets win, the Dallas Stars were officially eliminated from the 2015 NHL Playoff hunt. Though it’s sad to think that the season is almost over, it’s also fun to think about the great moments that the Stars had this season, so here comes my top 5 favorite games this year:

Thursday, October 16th – Stars 3 Penguins 2

This had to be one of the best games the NHL saw all season long. The Stars trailed the Penguins 2-1 with about three minutes remaining in the game. The Stars received a controversial call and had the game tying goal pulled away from them. Just seconds after that, Jamie Benn scored the game-tying goal…and this time it counted. The story book ending became a reality when Sidney Crosby was sent to the box with 9.6 seconds left. Tyler Seguin netted the game-winning goal with 3.9 seconds left after a sensational pass from Jason Spezza and with that, the Stars stole a win in Pittsburgh.

The reason this was one of my favorite games of this season, and arguably as a Stars fan, is because the stars were out that night. Benn, Seguin, and Spezza all contributed to the late goals and the comeback. The Stars were able to come up in the clutch against a premier team in the NHL, and every win is much sweeter when it comes on the opposing team’s own ice.

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Thursday, November 13th – Stars 2 Kings 0

Nothing is better than shutting out the defending Champs, right? It sure felt like it back in November. The Stars went it to Los Angeles looking for a win against a Kings team that had just beaten the Stars a few weeks before behind a huge performance from Jonathan Quick. The Stars were dominant throughout the whole contest and it showed when Kari Lehtonen had my pick for “Save of the Year” against Jarrett Stoll, who had a wide open shot from the right side of the net gloved by a twisting Lehtonen.

That stands out as the best moment of this game and one moment that Stars fans will certainly remember this season. We got to see more of Jason Spezza in the game when he scored his third goal of the season and we got to see the Stars stick it to a team that they generally have not gotten along with in the past.

Sunday, December 21st – Stars 6 Oilers 5 (SO)

This game had Stars fans thinking that it couldn’t get any worse when they saw their team go down 5-2 to the league-worst Oilers in the second period. After the fifth goal, it was time for the superstars to get to work. Jamie Benn scored a goal with seconds left in the second period to cut the deficit to 5-3 before Tyler Seguin scored two goals in the third period to tie the game up. It took a shootout to decide this game, and it was a good one to say the least. There were eight rounds before long-time Edmonton Oiler, Shawn Horcoff, had the game-winner that gave the Stars the win.

This game was so much fun to watch and, from the third period on, it keep you intrigued and nervous. Stars fans enjoyed one of many late comebacks this season and any game that goes into a shootout is fun to watch but perhaps the best part of this game was getting to see Benn and Seguin go to work again. This was just another glimpse of the amazing future they have ahead of them with the Stars.

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Saturday, March 21st – Stars 4 Blackhawks 0

By reading the title to this section of the article, you can probably tell why me and other Stars fans enjoyed this win so much. Blackhawks fans always seem to dominate the American Airlines Center whenever their team is in town and it was time to turn the tables on them. The Stars got into a little trouble early but they proved to be better than the Hawks that night as Corey Crawford was assaulted all night long. On the other end of the ice, Kari Lehtonen was stopping everything from breakaways to penalty shots and with a little help from the Stars media crew and the jumbo-tron, the Blackhawks left Dallas feeling embarrassed.

Stars fans, including myself, loved seeing the Blackhawks get beat in Dallas since that hasn’t happened too much in previous years. Not to mention the fact that Kari Lehtonen was a brick wall. It was good to see the Stars get a big win then, especially since they were still pushing for the Playoffs at that time. That’s one game that will always stick out to me this season.

Wednesday, April 8th – Stars 4 Ducks 0

This game was simply defined as “revenge” since the Stars had not beat the Ducks since Game 4 of the Playoffs last season. This game, much like the one against Chicago, was nothing short of domination for the Stars who controlled the ice all night long. Jhonas Enroth, the Stars backup goalie, served up a masterpiece on the Ducks offense and Jamie Benn was easily the first star of the night with three beautiful assists. He elevated himself to a tie at the top of the NHL points standings and will have one last chance on Saturday night against the Predators to try to pull away from Sidney Crosby and John Tavares in an attempt to win the Art Ross trophy.

Even though the Stars had nothing to play for in this game, they left everything out there and gave it to their rivals. It was truly great to see them perform at such a high level even though the Playoffs weren’t an option anymore, and it felt even better to see them shutout arguably the best team in the NHL with a backup goalie!

Though we ultimately won’t remember much about this Stars season, there are certain things we can take away, such as their will to win even if they didn’t need to. The Stars will play their final regular season game at home on Saturday night against the Nashville Predators in an attempt to get to 92 points on the season, one more than they had last year. We can only hope to see a game like any of the ones mentioned above!

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