Dallas Cowboys Final 7-Round 2015 NFL Mock Draft

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LB. Bowling Green. Gabe Martin. 7. player. 123. <p>It seems like the Cowboys fall in love with a particular small-school prospect each year and this year’s version is Gabe Martin. In the past few years, the Cowboys had special affinities for Ken Bishop, B.W. Webb, and Matt Johnson in the pre-draft process. At the draft, the Cowboys would draft those players, and while falling in love with players can sometimes be a good thing, this is something the Cowboys have failed at in recent years. The jury is still out on Bishop, but Webb and Johnson both failed epically in Dallas.</p> <p>Nevertheless, the Cowboys would be wise to add depth and special teams value in the seventh round and that’s something they can do with Martin. Over the past few years, the Cowboys’ linebacking corps truly has been ravaged with injuries. Enter a guy like Martin, who can play both weakside linebacker and strongside linebacker. Martin is a tackling machine. He shows all the necessary skills to be a solid defensive and special teams player for years to come.</p>

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