Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: Version 3.0

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The Dallas Cowboys are less than 10 days away from an event that they must do well in. Here is the third installment of our seven-round mock drafts.

It’s no secret that the Dallas Cowboys are always the center of attention. This past season, Cowboys fans saw their favorite team flourish. Everything was clicking for the Cowboys, as they finished the year on a hot streak. A heart-breaking call ended the Cowboys’ playoff run, but one takeaway from the past season is that the Cowboys are here to stay in the upper-echelon of the NFL.

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2015 will be a different year for the Cowboys. It’s no longer about winning the division and making the playoffs. The Cowboys are past that. It’s now about adding talent through free agency and the draft and becoming a team that van compete for a Super Bowl. With the additions of a stud pass-rusher in

Greg Hardy

as well as some overall depth on defense, the Cowboys did their job in free agency. However, they now have to add talent through the draft.

Using Matt Miller’s big board, I did a mock draft using the FanSpeak mock draft simulator. That said, here is another Cowboys’ seven-round mock draft. This will be the second-to-last seven-round mock draft I complete.

Disclaimer: The results in this mock draft come from my opinions as well as the Cowboys’ interest.

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