TCU: Trevone Boykin Will Win Heisman Trophy


TCU senior quarterback Trevone Boykin seems to have a clear path to the Heisman Trophy following an out-of-nowhere 2014 campaign.

TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin shouldn’t feel any pressure heading into the 2015 college football season. His Horned Frogs are ranked No. 2 in the nation while coming off a 12-1 season a year ago in which his team finished third in the country while just missing the inaugural college football playoff.

What pressure?

Yes, expectations are about as high as they can get, at least outside Columbus, Ohio.

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Boykin is a preseason hopeful for the Heisman Trophy, the award given to the best football player in the country each year. Given Boykin’s abundance of talent and supporting cast, he has about as good a chance as anybody.

I’ll admit that I have a personal interest in Boykin given that he attended the same high school I started my radio career at back in 1988, West Mesquite. Although that particular station has moved to a new facility off campus, it’s mighty tower still stands 400-plus feet just outside the south end zone at Mesquite Memorial Stadium, where Boykin played many of his high school football games.

Hey, it’s always cool to see a person making a name for himself who comes from a place you called home, at least for several years.

I do think that Boykin will have his work cut out for him this season. Everybody from first opponent, Minnesota, to the rest of the Big 12 will have plenty of tape with which to scout Boykin and the TCU offensive machine.

Having said that, most of the Horned Frogs opponents in ’15 will simply not have the manpower to stop this attack. This fact alone means that compounding on last season’s Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year award should be a far fetched idea.

On the other hand, I’m expecting Boykin to have to step up his game this season if TCU really has plans to contend for a national championship.

I think there’s a better chance that Boykin wins the Heisman than there is of TCU winning it’s first national championship since the 1930s.

A potential aid to Boykin, in addition to a slew of fine skill position players throughout the roster, is a defense that might show some slippage when compared to recent years. The linebacker position, in particular, has much to prove and the same can be said throughout the entire defense.

After all, this is a unit that gave up 61 points to rival Baylor (No. 4) last year. TCU gave up 30 points, or more, in three other games, including a narrow 37-33 victory over Oklahoma in Ft. Worth.

But defensive deficiencies might work in Boykin’s favor, even if they end up costing the ‘Frogs a game or two that keeps their title hopes at bay.

Head coach Gary Patterson’s team is no longer defined by it’s stout defense – at least it doesn’t appear that way now.

With TCU likely giving up more in the way of points than in year’s past, Boykin will have to keep the foot on the gas where moving the ball and scoring points is concerned. When you can run and throw like he can, it’s a virtual certainty that good things are going to happen on the stat sheet one way or another.

Having grown up in north Texas, I’m a big believer in the phrase, “offense wins games, defense wins championships.”

But offense will certainly win a Heisman Trophy.

With the top three players in last year’s Heisman voting all in the NFL, including winner Marcus Mariota of Oregon, a trip to the Big Apple looks very likely for the former Wrangler from far east Dallas.

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