Cowboys: Jerry Jones We Told You So


Pundits, analysts, and fans have just one message for Jerry Jones, “We Told You So.”

Anyone who has ever heard Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones speak, knows he is a savvy business man driven by a huge ego. Every time Jones speaks to the media, however, Cowboys fans everywhere cringe. It isn’t just because he seems to speak off-handed, it isn’t that fans are waiting for some unreal promise, either. No, fans cringe because Jerry says things that sometimes are flat out wrong.

A perfect example of this was what Jones earlier this season said about former backup quarterback Brandon Weeden, “You won’t find a more gifted passer.” I don’t know what Jerry was watching but there is a reason Weeden was no longer on the team that drafted him. But it doesn’t end there…

Look back over the last few years and just about every analysis of the Cowboys drafts have listed safety, quarterback, and wide receiver as some of the top needs for the Cowboys. Sure, Jones has gotten a few cornerbacks, linebackers, and finally this year, some defensive ends, but there have been holes that Jones has just refused to fill.

Some of this direction may be from the coaching staff over-evaluating the roster. Maybe it is Jones himself who has over-evaluated the team. Either way, there have been holes that haven’t been filled and the onus falls on Jerry Jones the GM.

When starting quarterback Tony Romo went down with an injury last season it was apparent there wasn’t much behind him. Heading into the draft, everyone and their mothers thought this would be the year the Cowboys finally get a quarterback for the future. Instead, Jerry Jones went with Brandon Weeden, a cast-off from the Browns.

Instead of looking at the draft for a backup, Jones rolled with what he had, hoping everything would be fine. Well, it isn’t fine, in fact it is far from fine, Jerry. We hate to say it, but we told you so. Everyone knew that one injury to Romo would doom this team, and it has.

The defense this year has seemed to regress. The pass rush is meager and the secondary can’t tackle or create a turnover. The safety position is easily one of the weakest on the team. Again, instead of looking for an upgrade in the draft, Jones thought that late round safeties would be the answer. Once again Mr. Jones, we told you so.

When are you going to learn that sometimes you have to actually get top caliber players in the draft at positions of need sometimes? Sure, best available is good if you have starting quality players, but the safeties are not.

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It is the ego from Jerry Jones that has placed this Cowboys team at the bottom of the NFC East. His lack of planning and desire to be “right” has shown to be his biggest flaw and weakness. Instead of what would have been best for the future of the team, he continually decides to do what is best for Jerry Jones.

So, here we all are in week 11 – sitting in the basement of a terrible NFC East. Teams around the league have lost their quarterbacks only to have backups who can actually win games. Some of them are rookies, some are younger players, and some are veterans who are smart enough to know how to win. Instead, the Cowboys chose Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel.

It is time for Stephen Jones to officially take over for his father. Hopefully, he can allow football decisions to be made by football people. Hopefully, his ego can remain in check and do what is best for the Cowboys – not only in this season but for years to come.

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But until then, the Cowboys’ players must try to overcome their biggest obstacle, the owner in the owner’s booth. Until all of this can be fixed, there will be many more “We told you so,” comments to Jerry Jones. Then again, it isn’t like Jerry Jones will care what anyone says, much less even listen.