Dallas Stars: 10 Reasons to be a Fan


As if you need a reason to be a Dallas Stars fan, here are ten reasons why you should be a Dallas Stars fan right this minute.

For the first time in a very long time, the best team in north Texas is a professional hockey team. The NBA Mavericks are strong but limited. The MLB Rangers are promising but have too many questions. The NFL Dallas Cowboys are…well, let’s just not talk about the Cowboys’ problems right this minute.

Nope, it’s all about the Dallas Stars right now. Currently in first place in the entire NHL, the Dallas Stars are enjoying their best season ever. It’s not too late to get on the Stars’ Bandwagon so let’s take a look at 10 reasons everyone should be a Dallas Stars fan right this moment. We start with the entertainment value…

  • The Dallas Stars are the most exciting team in hockey right now. With a goals-per-game average of 3.5, the Dallas Stars lead the NHL in scoring by a pretty sizable margin. Together with a 14th ranked goals-against-average of 2.64, a typical Stars game features truck-loads of scoring and with it, a spectacular amount of entertainment.
  • The Dallas Stars’ Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are two of the NHL’s best young scorers. Benn leads the league in goals and both he and Seguin are tied for second in the NHL in total points. ESPN’s Rob Vollman recently called the top-line pair “the most potent one-two punch in the NHL.”
  • Not far behind Seguin and Benn on the NHL scoring ranks is second year defenseman

    John Klingberg

    . Klingberg has quickly moved up the charts to be one of the NHL’s top defensive scorers (one of the rarest kinds of players in the NHL). His 30 points place him in second place among defensemen and sixth place overall. The next defensemen on the list? Try #35. That’s how rare and valuable a player like Klingberg is.

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  • Tim Cowlishaw (DMN) seems to think the Dallas Stars may have the metroplex’s next Triplets.  The aforementioned players (Benn, Seguin, and Klingberg) are all clearly among the best in the league. All of them are signed long-term and all of them are either just entering their physical prime or still well before their prime. In other words, this is a young team of young superstars that is built to last.
  • This is a deep and talented roster that doesn’t rely solely on its top line. This may sounds as if it’s in direct contrast to the previous statements about the Triplets, but the fact is the Stars are formidable from top to bottom. Players like Jason Spezza, Patrick Sharp, Cody Eakin, and Valeri Nichushkin all rank in the NHL’s scoring list and all are capable of stepping up if the top three scorers falter.
  • The Dallas Stars never give up. Even when trailing by three goals (typically an insurmountable hole) the Dallas Stars have found a way to win this season. In all fairness, they’ve also found a way to lose with a three goal lead…did I mention they are entertaining?

  • The GM is among the best, the coach is proven, and the owner just writes the checks. An owner that doesn’t interfere? That’s a novel idea. Despite being young, rich, passionate, and a pretty smart hockey mind, owner Tom Gaglardi resists the temptation to interfere and runs his team like a business. A successful business that values winning.
  • The Dallas Stars are successfully running a two-goalie tag-team that can cover for injury or slump alike. The tandem of Antti Niemi and Kari Lehtonen are working great so far, rotating often, riding the hot-hand, and seamlessly covering for injuries.
  • The Dallas Stars have a chance at changing the culture of the NHL and because of that, ESPN’s Sean McIndoe very seriously penned an article titled, For the love of the game, people, start rooting for the Dallas Stars. His argument is a solid one: If a fun, offensive-minded team like the Dallas Stars, wins the Stanley Cup, the NHL (notorious copycats) will try to reproduce the Stars magic and shift from their methodical defensively focused ways. Hey, it’s hard to argue with that…
  • The players gamble with shameful swimming attire. Ok, further explanation is needed here – Apparently, the Dallas Stars’ Vernon Fiddler made a weight-loss bet with his friend, the result of such bet was his friend wearing a Speedo for all to see at a Stars game. See for yourself…
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    Time is ticking on claiming your seat on the Dallas Stars bandwagon. The Dallas Cowboys are hanging by a thread and you can bet when the nail finally goes in that coffin, fans will be coming over in droves. Be a fan before it becomes the “cool” thing to do.