Aaron Rodgers and the Cowboys both do what they do best

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 08: Dak Prescott
ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 08: Dak Prescott /

The Dallas Cowboys welcomed back Aaron Rodgers to AT&T Stadium and the results were much of the same. Here are the post game quick takes

Reid Hanson

The Cowboys lost another one to Aaron Rodgers on Sunday, once again, in heartbreaking fashion. They have yet to stop a better-than-average quarterback and possibly never will this season. Dallas now enters the bye week with a losing record and look to be on the outside looking in when assessing the early playoff picture.

When Dak Prescott scampered in for the fourth quarter game-leading TD, I immediately knew the Cowboys would lose.

As crazy as it sound, Dak should not have scored. Rather he should have downed the ball at the one and drained the clock before really attempting a TD. Easy to say it in hindsight, but I said it live (time stamp from Germany) and so did many other wise fans who have seen this script play out many times before.

Same old story, different day.

Dan Ruppert

I was wrong. I thought the Dallas Cowboys could squeak out a win against the Packers, and if they had even a half way decent defense, they would have. Yeah, it was Aaron Rodgers, but they had opportunity and failed again.

Part of the issue is the same old story of the Dallas Cowboys since Jason Garrett has been head coach. The lack of halftime adjustments, head scratching playcalling, and not getting into players for mistakes, just hardens my personal stance Jason Garrett needs to be on the hot seat.

Brightside: Dak looked better than he has, Zeke looked decent later in the game (better with a lead blocker), and the offense seems to be getting better.

This defense is not good. The secondary has some serious issues, the linebackers without Sean Lee are out of position and not making plays, and the pass rush is really inconsistent. I worry for the rest of the year at this point.

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Dink Kearney

I hate to say “I told you so”, but I’m going to say I told you so. The Dallas Cowboys lost another heartbreaking game against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers did exactly what he did last year when he ended the Cowboys playoff hopes, except this time Rodgers hit Davonte Adams in the endzone with 11 seconds left in the game to beat Dallas 35-31.

After Dak Prescott scored a TD with 1:13 seconds left in the game, Rodgers marched the Packers down the field with ease, and the play of the game came when Rodgers ran 18 yards to put the Packers in the Red Zone.

Rodgers was looking to score a touchdown instead of kicking a field goal and tie the game. It was a heartbreaking loss, but this loss falls on the coaching staff, stupid penalties and a below average defense.

The Cowboys started off good with Dak Prescott throwing 3 three touchdowns in the first half and giving the Cowboys a 21-6 lead. But just like the game against the Rams, the Cowboys gave up a big lead and let the Rams come back and beat them.

Dak played well, Zeke ran the ball effectively and went over 100 yards rushing, and the defense played well in the first half, sacking Rodgers three times. But with any team with average players and inept coaching, the Cowboys had untimely penalties, the front four couldn’t get to Rodgers, and Terrance Williams allowed a catchable ball go through his hands and it was intercepted by cornerback Randall and returned for a touchdown.

Plays like that are one of the reasons this team lost.

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The Cowboys must fix its defense, starting with the secondary, and the play calling has to get better, along with the coaching. David Irving and Demarcus Lawrence are bright spots on the defense, along with Sean Lee, but he’s injured, and until he comes back, this defense will continue to suffer. So look forward to more high scoring games, but expect the same results, a heartbreaking loss at the last minute.