Dallas Cowboys: Why Dak Prescott will only get better

SANTA CLARA, CA - OCTOBER 22: Dak Prescott
SANTA CLARA, CA - OCTOBER 22: Dak Prescott /

With Cowboys Pro Bowler Ezekiel Elliott expected to miss the next six games, Dak Prescott will take the reigns and find a way to get even better.

After losing his appeal, Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl running back Ezekiel Elliott is set to serve a six game suspension for a Domestic Violence case against his former girlfriend.

Since Zeke’s six game suspension was announced, the critics and NFL experts have been rather opinionated on how many games the Cowboys can win without their leading rusher.

The naysayers and haters say the Cowboys will win one or two games while Zeke serves his suspension. Some say they’ll go .500, and the positive minded predict the Cowboys will go 5-1 or better.

Quite frankly, the Cowboys can do all of the above, but I lean more towards the latter. And the reason is because the Cowboys have another fierce weapon to depend on in quarterback Dak Prescott.

Because of Zeke’s suspension, Dak will be forced to take over. Since Dak Prescott has stepped up to every challenge this far, there’s no reason to doubt him now. As much as Zeke’s production will be missed, Dak is there to pick up the missing pieces, and then some.

Dak is talented enough for Dallas to win

If Dallas were to lose the services of Dak for six games, I’d be the first to say they’ll lose most of those games — if not all of them. That’s how important Dakis to this team. That’s not to say Zeke isn’t important, but rather place emphasis on Dak’s ability.

With Zeke out, Dak will take this opportunity to get better, gain more experience, and show everyone why he’s the franchise quarterback for America’s Team.

Simply put, there will be games where Dak has to win the game with his arms and his legs. In order for that to happen, Dak will have to take more chances down the field, running for first downs, and creating plays outside of the pocket.

Sure, Dak might throw more interceptions playing this way, but if throwing and running for more touchdowns helps Dallas win games, so be it.

It’ll be part of Dak’s development, an unique experience in becoming an elite quarterback, especially without the services of the best running back in the NFL.

Being baptized by the fire

In some ways, Dak will be baptized by fire because the offense runs through Zeke, and Dallas’ offense is just different without Zeke in it. We know Alfred Morris, Darren McFadden, and Rod Smith are decent running backs, but opposing defenses aren’t stacking the box to stop them, until proven otherwise.

And when Dallas’ running backs can’t move the chains, it’ll be up to Dak to find a way to move the chains and win the game.

Dak will have to figure out how to get the ball to Dez Bryant when he’s double-teamed, how to involve Cole Beasley more into the offense (once he’s cleared to play), how to get the ball to his safety valve, Jason Witten, and when to run and pick up that much needed first down.

Battled tested in this manner will force Dak to rely on his own talents. More importantly, it’ll allow Dak to learn from his mistakes, and how to win without an ultra-talented running back.

Dak will be tested

First and foremost, defenses are going to make Dak beat them with his arm, whether it’s stacking the box and forcing him to throw in man coverage or blitzing to keep him from getting comfortable.

Either way, the defenses are going to test Dak to the fullest extent. They’re going to force Dak to play to his weaknesses and exploit Dallas’ weaknesses and dare Dak to over come it.

It will be the next test for Dak because he was battled tested once before. Last season, when he had to play with Tony Romo looking over his shoulder, he passed the test with flying colors.

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All he did was set a franchise record for winning 11 straight regular season games, win ROY (Rookie of the Year) and make the Pro Bowl.

And that was in his first year, replacing our beloved Romo.

But he will have his doubters again.

Oh my….How could Dak perform at such a Pro Bowl level with all that weight and scrutiny on his shoulders?

Setting rookie records along the way?

Leading Dallas to a 13-3 record and a divisional crown?

Doubters will say he achieved all of those accolades with with Zeke leading the league in rushing.

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So imagine all of the work Dak has to do without Zeke. So what, I say. Dak will do what he always does and rise to the challenge. Plus, it’s only going to make Dak better. Period