Dallas Cowboys: Will Scott Linehan feel Jerry Jones’s wrath?


The Dallas Cowboys will be attempting to reload and figure out what went wrong during the 2017 season. Expect them to look at the coaching staff.

The Dallas Cowboys will have a long time to think about whether or not they have made the right decisions this season as they will miss the playoffs. One of the common issues people seem to have is that the offense is just too predictable.

But whose fault is that? A lot of fans want to take their frustration out on Jason Garrett (which is understandable) however could the real issue be offensive coordinator Scott Linehan?

The Dallas Cowboys locker room is connected and there is zero infighting even though the playoffs are no longer a possibility. One of the main issues that remain is that players believe that the play calling is a bit too predictable.

My only issue with that is that with the ball on the 2-yard line against the Seattle Seahawks, the Cowboys did not run the ball once, that in itself is pretty unpredictable. But those series of plays illustrated why people are so frustrated at the play calling.

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The Cowboys move away from what they are good at in times of crisis. Running the ball effectively and productively should be priority number one every game. That is what sucks in linebackers and safeties so quarterback, Dak Prescott could execute a play action pass.

The Cowboys also were pretty terrible at making adjustments after halftime. Opposing Teams would continue to run the same plays on both offense and defense and no one on the coaching staff seemed to recognize it.

The game against the Atlanta Falcons is a perfect example of how the team struggled when it came down to finding a new way to beat an opponent. Then there is the whole Dez Bryant debacle.

Whether it is Bryant as a player getting older, or Linehan not calling his number enough, the Cowboys star wide receivers production has been steadily declining for three years. Dak and Dez maintain that it is not a chemistry issue, so then what could it be?

We all like seeing Bryant go one on one on the outside because that is where some of his biggest plays occur. It is surprising that for as gifted a receiver as Bryant is, Linehan did not attempt to get him open in the middle of the field or at least something less predictable.

There is also the disappearance of Cole Beasley this season after breaking out in 2016. He is typically that middle of the field threat but even he was invisible. Linehan is one of the architects behind the Dallas Cowboys 13-3 run in 2016 and he managed to get record-breaking production out of this group.

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So to say he is the only problem this team has is a bit of an over exaggeration. Everyone on this coaching staff should get another year to put things together and find the success they had a season ago.