Dallas Cowboys: What is David Irving’s long-term future?

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 13: Quarterback Sean Mannion
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 13: Quarterback Sean Mannion /

The Dallas Cowboys will be without David Irving for the first four games of the 2018 season but could an all-out divorce be on the horizon?

The Dallas Cowboys got some unpleasant news in regards to one of their more prolific pass rushers, David Irving. The former Kansas City Chief was suspended for four games after missing several NFL drug tests.

He supposedly missed those tests because he was dealing with an unrelated off the field issue. Either way, however you look at it, it will be tough for Irving to get out of this situation and it is largely his doing.

His judgment has come into question and this is not something the Cowboys are that high on.

The whole M.O. of the Dallas Cowboys front office has been to give Jason Garrett free reign to coach this team with his kind of players aka “the right kinda guys”. These players typically don’t make waves and help contribute to a healthy locker room and football culture. Irving has never really fit that culture.

He works hard enough when he is on the field, but has very questionable lapses in judgment. He was suspended last season for violating the league’s substance policy and has missed a lot of time due to his own shortcomings. 

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I remember thinking earlier in the offseason how much of an issue it would be if Irving had a stellar season because his price would go through the roof if he hit free agency. Even at that juncture, I did not believe the Dallas Cowboys would re-sign him. Now he just has too much baggage and he has proven he cannot stay on the field.

This seems like a similar situation to Rolando McClain except Irving is more talented and is extremely physically gifted, he could be a starter anywhere in the league. None of that could make up for just how unpredictable his off the field issues are.

When the Dallas Cowboys traded for Jihad Ward, people were convinced it was a mistake. Why would you trade away a Cole Beasley replacement a year before Beasley’s contract is up? Well simply put, they knew there was a major issue at defensive tackle.

Even with Irving the team was thin at the position and needed a solid player to plug in at that spot, that is what Ward brings to the table. Yes, he was a bust in Oakland, but so was the majority of that defense except for a player named Khalil Mack. 

Ward brings physicality and size to a position of great need and importance. Now Ward will likely be the starter to begin the season while Irving sits on the sidelines and thinks about what he has done.

This situation really is more frustrating than sad as Irving has all the potential to be an elite defensive lineman and has actually played that way (just ask Aaron Rodgers) but his consistency off the field leaves something to be desired.

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As of right now, it does not appear that the Dallas Cowboys have any long-term plans for Irving who may have just cost himself a lot of money.