Dallas Cowboys: We are all Jason Garrett fans now!

No matter what you think of him, Dallas Cowboys fans, you are now unquestionably a Jason Garrett fan. Here’s why we must accept that painful truth…

The Dallas Cowboys have their share of polarizing individuals on this team. Whether it’s Dak Prescott’s fans facing off against the “Tony Romo Forever” fan club. Or the friends of Dez versus the enemies of Dez. Even Jerry Jones has his share of very impassioned supporters and detractors.

Basically, there is no shortage polarizing figures on America’s Team these days. But one man should have everyone in his corner this season. And that man is Jason Garrett.

The Crossroads

Over the past eight seasons Jason Garrett is a pedestrian 67-53 despite fielding some extremely impressive teams. Sure injuries have played a part in the underachievement. As have suspensions and Jerry Jones’ enabling environment. But it’s hard to argue a significant portion of the blame for these failures, lay at the feet of the Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett.

if Jason Garret fails in 2018 – the Dallas Cowboys fail in 2018. The fates of each are inherently linked.

Entering Year 9 of the Garrett Era, even the head coach’s biggest supporters are losing their patience. To call this a make-or-break season for Garrett is a bit of an understatement. The topic was recently broached on DMN’s Sport’s Day and continued by Sport DFW’s own, Dan Ruppert.

The consensus opinion is if Jason Garrett doesn’t win a postseason game, he’s facing the guillotine. Jerry may love him like a son  (of the re-headed “step” variety, but a son all the same), but he needs this team to find success to keep that merchandise flying out the door.

The needle was pointed up in 2016 but crashed back to earth in 2017. 2018 may set the tone for Dak Prescott’s career and Jerry is well aware Dak and Zeke are his best chances of winning the title before Jerry’s days at the helm are done.

How much do you hate?

I’m not a Jason Garrett fan. I’ve been calling for his exile for years. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to root against him this season. I’ll be hoping and praying all season long “Red Jesus” develops as game manager. That he holds underachievers accountable. And that he gets creative and starts out-scheming his counterparts.

There are those that dislike Dak Prescott so much, they want him to fall on his face. The thinking is if he stinks for a year or two the Cowboys will be forced to replace him (even if it comes at the cost of the team’s success). It’s perfectly possible that same level of hate exists to those who are anti-Garrett.

But to those who value success of the team more than their own feelings and preferences, there’s absolutely no choice but to cheer Garrett on. Because if Jason Garret fails in 2018 – the Dallas Cowboys fail in 2018. The fates of each are inherently linked.

That’s why we are all Jason Garrett fans now. It doesn’t mean we have to add him to our Christmas card list or anything but it does mean we should hope for the best and back off some of that “hate”.

I’m not saying we apologize for his errors or even forgive and forget. I’m saying all of the criticism and negative talk has done nothing up until now. It likely won’t ever do any good.

If we want the Dallas Cowboys to succeed this season we essentially are wanting Jason Garrett to succeed. The paths of the two are intertwined and unless you are hateful/patient enough to wait out a full multi-year reboot of this team without him, it’s something we all must begrudgingly accept.

Like it or not, but the goals of Jason Garrett and Cowboys Nation are fully aligned.